Saturday, November 26, 2011

And I don't even like Venison!

It is getting colder outside, which means my husband starts looking through the cookboks for a challenge.  (Golf season is over, so other hobbies come out-YAY!)  He has coworkers who give him wild game from time to time, which doesn't always thrill me only because the typical recipes turn out too wild tasting.  A few weeks ago I made Pheasant, which turned out quite well.  This night it was venison.  Normally, I don't really like venison.  This dish however, was wonderful.  I think it did a great job of taking out that game flavor.  The kids even commented that it tasted like a beef, not venison.  The meat was fork tender. 

Here is my photo of the Stufate di Cervo (Venison Stew with tomatoes and capers), from the Williams Sonoma cookbook Savoring Italy

The side was Trenette al Pesto, or Pasta with potatoes, green beans, and pesto (from the same cookbook)

The finish to the meal was Chocolate Souffle' with white chocolate sauce (with orange zest)  Ah-MAZING!  A good red wine helps too.

This Thanksgiving weekend I am thankful for a husband who loves food, loves cooking, and loves me :-)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Something I couldn't pass up

One of the local liquor stores was advertising this on their sign.  Enough to make this Mommy go in to look...and purchase.  I'll tell you how it tastes later-I haven't opened it yet :-)

Food Porn

This is one of the foodie sites I read about in a newspaper article.  It was referred to as Food Porn.

No, they're not X-Rated, just images of different dishes that are clickable to get to the recipe for that specific dish. 

For a girl who loves cookbooks, especially with photos, this site is a favorite.