Saturday, August 17, 2013

BLT Love

Maybe it's that I'm a summer baby.  Maybe it's that we wait so long for this weather.  Maybe it's that I just plain love summer.

Whatever it is, I have more summer comfort foods than winter.  BLT 's are one of those foods.  Granted, I could make a BLT year round, but it is not the same as an August BLT.  A BLT from ingredients from the grocery store, organic or not, just cannot compare.

Fresh from the farmers market meaty tomatoes and tender lettuce.  Thick peppered bacon from Bar 5 Meats and Grandma Hazel Seed Bread from A Toast To Bread .  This bread, oh my.  My daughter said it best as she took in the aroma as it toasted- 'this is REAL bread.'  I normally avoid bread, but this was ah maze ing.

An August farmers market BLT... hands down the best.