Sunday, October 2, 2011

I like bread

I started attending womens bible study at our church when my son was little.  I still see one of his former teachers from time to time (they had a great childrens program).  She told me this story about him that made me smile. 

They were getting ready for snack one morning, and she asked him what he would like to have.  Now, if you know him, he is pretty shy, not too loud (usually).  In his little toddler voice, he said "I like bread."  She said even when she sees him now all these years later, that's one of the things that comes to mind.  It made me smile to think of him saying this at that age because it is still true to this day.  As much as we try new foods as a family, his favorite thing is still bread.

This is what happened the other day when I asked him to put away the extra bread after a meal.  Note the holes dug out of a few of the pieces:

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